Why should we use Frontend with backend language?

12-Mar-20206 min read

If you have a plan to make a web application having rich in functionality.Then, Instead of using single language i.e. Ruby on Rails, Python Or Node. I would rather suggest you to make backend in any language i.e. Ruby on Rails, Python or Node.

Using front-end we will get advantages as below.

Fast: The application will be faster as backend will provide the JSON to the front-end. and for any updates certain part of the UI will be reloaded with limited data fetch only. As front-end will not request un-necessary data from Backend.

Smooth: Any front-end provides multiple animation effects. Where developer don't have to much care about that. When whole code don't reload it seems website is running much faster and smooth too..

Handling is Good: From developers prospective, Code handling is far better we write moduler code and provide only JSON response to the Front end.


Easy to make Mobile application: When a Front-end language is used. Backend has API ready as JSON Response, so Half work of the Mobile API is already done. Now, if the same API is used for the Mobile version of the Application, It will work flawlessly.

In short: Using front-end is very good if you have medium to big software application to be developed. But, for very small softwares i.e. One page SPA, It is not relevant to use front-end.

In ClecoTech International, We develop Small, medium and large level applications too. If you want to get the guidance regarding your application which language(s) you should prefer or which will be best technology stack for your application, feel free to write about that in comment section. Or feel free to send a mail on mail(at)manishshrivastava.com or manish(at)clecotech.com.


Happy Coding!